Obligatory spoiler alert.

Ah yes, welcome back to two truths and a lie, or as the rest of the world calls it “Game of Thrones,” the show where alive people die, dead people are really alive and no one knows what’s going on with Arya Stark’s plot line.

Every week, starting this week (we missed last week, we know, we’re sorry), The Diamondback will bring you five quick highlights on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Here’s your primer on Season 6, Episode 2 “Home”:

  • Jon Snow is alive to exactly zero people’s surprise. After a touching display of confidence from Ser Davos, Melisandre finds it in her 400-year-old heart (in episode one we learn she’s very, very old) to attempt a little resurrection. She washes Jon, gives him a nice little haircut, mutters some words and then waits to find, alas, Jon is not breathing. One by one, Tormund Giantsbane, Melisandre and finally, Ser Davos file out of the room, dejected as their one hope in all of Westeros lies lifeless. BUUUUUUT, once Davos leaves, Jon’s direwolf Ghost opens its eyes and SO DOES JON. And then the episode ends.

  • Ramsay Bolton is still actual scum, as he finds new and improved ways to define the word villainous. While discussing plans to capture the escaped Sansa Stark with his father Roose Bolton, Maester Wolkan bursts in to deliver some happy news – Roose’s new child is a boy aka a legitimate heir to his lordship. Ramsay embraces his father in feigned congratulations before stabbing him deep in the gut. While no one is sad to see Roose get his comeuppance, Ramsay saves himself from any shred of decency by literally feeding Lady Walda and her newborn son to the Bolton dogs. Nice.

  • Baylon Greyjoy is dead and its all because of his thought to be dead but actually alive brother Euron who pushes him off a rickety rope bridge, into a gurgling chasm far below. Baylon’s daugther (and Theon/Reek’s sister) Yara vows to avenge her father as she watches his body float out to sea, but of course, she can’t really go about that until she ascends to the salt throne, which she might have some trouble doing.

  • Tyrion is probably a Targaryen because he had a nice chat with Dany’s dragons without getting burnt/eaten. He drops a nice little line about dragon intelligence — apparently, dragons can tell friend from foe and Tyrion counts himself as the former. As he frees them from their shackles, he tells the dragons a story about wanting a pet dragon as a boy, only to be utterly crushed upon hearing of the species’ extinction. The dragons seem to like the story and refrain from any carnivorous indulgment as Tyrion hastily retreats toward the exit. Friend indeed, Tyrion, friend indeed.

  • Finally, Bran is chilling under a tree with the Three-Eyed Raven, peeking into the past. More specifically, he is peeking into his family’s past. He sees his father Ned (RIP) fighting his uncle Benjen before his aunt Lyanna (also RIP) rides in on her horse. Even Hodor is there, except his name is actually Willis and Willis can speak actual words other than “hodor.”

A slow episode with lots of plot exposition and little action, “Home” has set us up for what’s sure to be an interesting season.