Let’s face it: Sweatpants are great. In a state where it is 73 degrees Monday and then snowing by Friday, it becomes necessary to dress for just about anything, often resulting in layers of sweats that can be altered as the temperature moves with its own daily goals. And after cramming in McKeldin Library until 1 a.m. or staring blankly at textbooks for hours, sweat pants gleam from the closet with golden perfection.

There are a few students, however, who tuck those wonderful pieces of cotton away in order to show off, even in freezing temperatures. Some of these looks are featured here, in Fear and Clothing’s first women’s look-book, styled by students amidst all of the incohesive glory of a Maryland winter.

This season, it appears green is having a moment, and not just in the ever-popular olive shade. Outfits comprised of a full monochromatic aesthetic of teal, mint, even forest green are emerging everywhere.

Is Yeezy responsible for this? Perhaps. The monochromatic earthy tones have been a focal point of his collections for the last three years, and every celebrity seems to be putting their personal spins on the look all across Instagram. Granted, Kanye West holds no claim on the monochrome look, but he certainly has helped popularize it in the last year or two.

Besides the current limelight on green, black and white are still in full effect. The colors vary this season and often feature alongside juxtaposed textures, including soft gray fur paired with black leather.

These looks are often paired with the crazily popular Adidas Superstar sneakers with those three famous black stripes dashing the body of the shoes. Perhaps the popularity has something to do with the old-school urban vibe they give an outfit. After all, the design is one of Adidas’s very first ones, first popping up in stores in 1969, back when people used to call them “shell toes.”

Also on the rise seems to be the accent bag — backpack, saddle purse or duffle — in a vibrant or noticeably vivid color that draws more attention than any other component of an outfit. Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Gucci have been walking bags in loud designs and textures in fashion weeks all of February. Maroon leather and Herschel backpacks are probably the most common uses of the trend across the campus.

The next edition of Fear and Clothing will feature the men’s looks as they style the dwindling Maryland winter into early days of spring.