This year, Stamp Student Union can finally get the Applebee’s senior discount. In other words, Stamp is turning 60.

On Oct. 29, Stamp held what staff called the “Stamp Sweet 60,” a day full of events including a balloon drop, a Stamp memory wall, a candy bar, “mocktails” in TerpZone and samples of the new Stamp All Niter ice-cream flavor.

“All the events that are happening today are centered around things that are sweet,” said Eva Quintos Tennant, Stamp’s assistant director of marketing and communications.

The celebration was part of “a milestone for Stamp,” Tennant said. “We thought, why wait for 75?”

The Stamp memory wall located in the building’s lobby asked students to respond to questions about Stamp and its history. Questions including, “What is your favorite Stamp memory?” “If you saw [Adele H. Stamp’s] ghost, what would you ask?” and “What songs would be on Adele’s mixtape?”

For a while the wall remained blank, but little by little, interested students gave their input.

Questions for Adele Stamp’s ghost ranged from the strange yet practical (“Is it true that there’s a secret second floor to the coffee bar?”) to some very deep ponderings (“What’s it like to be dead?”).

Later in the day, LMFAO’s notorious “Party Rock Anthem” began blasting through speakers, the pop beat blaring around the building. The balloon drop had begun.

Isabella Wang, a freshman public health student, peered over the second-floor railing as balloons, some filled with prizes, dropped onto surprised students sitting in the food court below.

“It’s really fun and exciting,” Wang said. “It’s nice that [Stamp] is trying to get people involved and they’re celebrating [the 60th birthday].”

Though she’s only a freshman, Wang already has a love and appreciation for Stamp and all of its often unconventional events.

“There’s always something to do here,” she said. “It’s a nice place to chill in between classes.”

Students waited to get a taste of the Stamp All Niter ice cream. The new Dairy concoction is coffee-flavored and infused with a caramel shot and chocolate-covered pretzels. Someone in the Student Involvement Suite developed the idea for the flavor, Tennant said.

Even with 60 years under its belt, Stamp is looking forward to the future. The student center has big plans, including the renovation and revamping of the Student Involvement Suite, Tennant said.

Tennant also discussed plans to change other aspects of Stamp.

“Be on the lookout,” she said. “In fall of 2016, Stamp will be rolling out its new brand.”