The Tuesday-morning bomb blasts in Brussels, which left at least 30 dead and more than a hundred injured, did not harm any University of Maryland students studying in Europe, a university spokeswoman said.

One student at this university is studying abroad in Belgium this semester and was in Brussels today, but Education Abroad officials reached out to the student and confirmed his safety, said Katie Lawson, this university’s communications director.

The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the three explosions — two at Brussels Airport and one at Maelbeek Subway Station.

“When I heard about it this morning, the first thing I did was I reached out to [Education Abroad] to see if any students were there,” Lawson said. When she heard there was one, the office “followed up to confirm he’s safe.”

In addition, Lawson said the Education Abroad office sent a safety message today to all students studying in Europe. Officials said they confirmed the safety of all of them.