University of Maryland Police responded to reports of a struck pedestrian, a possible overdose and theft over the past week, among other incidents, according to police reports.

Pedestrian struck

On Oct. 24 at 5:22 p.m., University Police responded to Regents Drive and Fieldhouse Drive for a report of a person on a bicycle hitting a pedestrian, said police spokesperson Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas.

A male bicyclist — who is a student at this university — was traveling east on Fieldhouse Drive and turned left onto Regents Drive. While traveling north on Regents Drive, the bicyclist was unable to see the pedestrian, a female university employee, in the crosswalk.

A bus obstructed his view, Hoaas said.

The bicyclist then struck the pedestrian. The fire department responded but the pedestrian refused to go to the hospital.

Hoaas said the university employee was able to refuse transport because her injuries were not life-threatening.

The case is closed.

Possible overdose

University Police responded to Cumberland Hall for a possible overdose on Oct. 24 at 12:15 a.m., Hoaas said.

Hoaas said she couldn’t specify what the female student overdosed on, due to the sensitivity of the issue. The student went to a local hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.

The case is closed.


University Police responded to the Nyumburu Cultural Center for a reported theft on Oct. 24 at about 1:45 p.m., Hoaas said.

A male university employee reported to police that a university-owned laptop was stolen from the control room in the center. The theft occurred between Oct. 17 and Oct. 23.

On Oct. 24, University Police also responded to another theft report at 12:44 p.m. in Stamp Student Union, Hoaas said. A male student reported their laptop was stolen from the Colony Ballroom. The theft occurred between 1:15 p.m. and 2:15 p.m., Hoaas said.

Both cases are still active.