Last night, the Golden State Warriors (sadly) eliminated Jake Layman and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Despite the Blazers getting swept, Layman made valuable contributions to his team.

Now that Layman finished his first playoff appearance, it only seems fair to compare how Layman stacks up with some of the all-time playoff greats.

Playoff field goal percentage

Jake Layman: .500

Kobe Bryant: .448

While Kobe Bryant may have his famous “Mamba Mentality,” it was not enough for him to knock down 50 percent of his shots when he was leading the Lakers to five rings. Layman, however, has been a much more efficient scorer in his postseason career, making a higher percentage of his shots from the field than the Black Mamba.

Playoff three-point percentage

Jake Layman: 1.000

Ray Allen: .401

Ray Allen is known as one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history. Allen is the all-time leader in three-pointers made and made one of the most important three-pointers in NBA history against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. However, despite all of Allen’s accomplishments, he can not match Layman’s perfect shooting from downtown in the postseason.

Playoff turnovers per game

Jake Layman: 0.0

Magic Johnson: 3.7

In the playoffs, taking care of the ball is a massive part of making sure you win games. Five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson averaged 3.7 turnovers in his decorated career as a point guard, but he looks extremely careless with the ball compared to Layman, who has never made a turnover in the playoffs.

Playoff personal fouls per game

Jake Layman: 0.0

Bill Russell: 3.3

Bill Russell is the single most decorated player in basketball history. He has 11 rings and five MVPs and is regarded as one of the best to ever play the game. However, Russell was not exactly flawless when it came to avoiding fouling his opponents on his way to 11 titles. Layman, however, has never committed a foul in the playoffs.