It took over a year, but Maryland men’s soccer has lost a regular season game for the first time since Oct. 31, 2015. Quite a bit has changed since that Halloween almost two years ago, so let’s examine what the world was like the last time the soccer team lost a regular-season game.

Mike Locksley was the interim head coach of the football team

Randy Edsall was shown the door at Maryland on Oct. 13, 2015, just about two weeks before the soccer team’s loss. This meant that Mike Locksley was at the helm of the football team when the soccer team was defeated. Locksley won only one game in his interim tenure at Maryland, but it did lead to a rousing celebration in the locker room afterwards.

Cole Field House was for everybody

The former basketball arena is now a state-of-the-art practice field for the football team. But turn back the clock to Halloween 2015 and Cole Field House was still being used for intramural sporting events and hosted its final comedy show with Hannibal Burress in early November of that year.

Men’s lacrosse last won the national title in 1975

Back in 2015, the men’s lacrosse team was still looking to get over the hump of winning the national title. They were coming off a defeat to Denver in the 2015 National Championship game earlier that year. John Tillman finally was able to get the monkey of the program’s back, beating Ohio State to secure the title.

The dining halls were much different

After Maryland’s 2015 defeat, a student could have headed to one of the dining halls and paid for a chicken wrap at a cash register and put it in a to-go container to eat in their dorm or apartment. Now, they can do none of that. Chicken wraps are now a special item, rather than something that can be ordered every day. A student now gains access to the dining hall by scanning their hand in a biometric hand scanner, and the dining halls now allow them to eat all the food they want. However, there are no longer any to-go boxes provided. If a student wants to take food out of the dining hall, they have to bring their own container for it.

Men’s basketball last made the Sweet 16 in 2003

On Oct. 31, 2015, Maryland was less than a month away from starting a season surrounded by hype. The hoops team was ranked No. 3 in the country in the preseason poll from the Associated Press. The Terps eventually went on to make the Sweet 16, beating North Dakota State and Hawaii to make the second weekend for the first time in over a decade.