You did it! You have made it to the end of the semester. How about a new edition of Push Play Monday to celebrate? Enjoy this week’s playlist in honor of yourself.

1) “Wall” by James Droll

Very little is known about this Nashville-based artist. He recently earned himself a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, helping him rack up the much-deserved plays on this mellowed out song of his.

2) “Situationship” by Odunsi (The Engine) feat. AYLØ

Odunsi (The Engine) has a deep love for his Nigerian roots, even referring to himself as an “Afrofusion Artiste and Producer.” This track, which dropped early November, is “dedicated to the complexities of postmodern romance,” according to one of Odusni’s tweets. The track features the vocals of AYLØ, a fellow Nigerian with a penchant for what he calls “soul-fusion.”

3) “Made to Last” by Theo Lawrence & The Hearts

If you are even the slightest Arctic Monkeys fan, you should be listening to this group. French soul artist Theo Lawrence makes music that feels like stepping through a glitch-y television set, static and all. It’s retro and modern at the same time, a vibe very few can master. He and his bandmates are set to play shows all over France from now until next February.

4) “Hands” by BLAISE MOORE

Once again, the music industry is proving that Toronto is really the source of today’s greatest sounds. Blaise Moore is new to the scene, having just dropped this, her debut single back in February. With vocals as angelic as hers, a clear path to the top is starting to form.

5) “Flame” by Sundara Karma

Although this indie rock band is currently based in Reading, England, they have been busy the past month touring stops in the United States. The band’s name comes from the combination of Sundara (Sanskrit for “beautiful” or “noble”) and Karma (also Sanskrit for “deed” or “action”). With many comparisons to the legend Bruce Springsteen, this band is sure to be going places soon.

6) “Imagine” by John Lock feat. JVZEL

John Lock is Detroit-raised and Los Angeles-based. He is one of the many artists these days maintaining a very low online profile. No worries, you can still enjoy this insanely reverent track without knowing how it came to be.

7) “How I Feel” by Cameron Alan

After falling in love with the production of Avicii and Skrillex in the sixth grade, Cameron Alan took a stab at producing. He has since developed a rather indefinable style for himself, developing his work as part of the CREAM COLLECTIVE based in London.

8) “Terrified” by Childish Gambino

He’s back! No, not Voldemort — Childish Gambino, the one and only. And he is here to remind the world that funk is alive and well and in the hearts of many. Donald Glover has writing credits on every single song on his new album, Awaken, My Love!, which is a massive departure from the hip-hop style of all his previous works. If you need a strong glass of groove, Glover brought what you’re looking for.