After notching 100 career wins to go along with four trips to the NCAA Championships, former Maryland 133-pound wrestler Geoffrey Alexander is now an assistant wrestling coach at Brown University.

Alexander graduated from this university this past spring with degrees in criminology and criminal justice. Over the summer, Alexander recuperated from shoulder and neck injuries that plagued him for nearly all of his senior season.

Living in Providence, Rhode Island, with two fellow coaches, Alexander mainly helps coach the Bears wrestlers on their fundamentals, sometimes even wrestling with them himself. The Pittsburgh native also assists the staff with recruiting, scheduling and running the club wrestling team.

Alexander has made it back to College Park recently, coming back for the Maryland wrestling golf outing Aug. 26 and staying the rest of the weekend for the team football fantasy draft. He may be coaching for Brown now, but he maintains a relationship with his former teammates.

“I’m always hoping they get a win when they’re on the mat,” Alexander said. “Except for when they’re facing me.”

That will happen twice this upcoming season, once at the Binghamton Open and again at the Midlands Championships.

He’s not nervous to coach against his former teammates, but he’s looking forward to coaching his younger brother — 157-pound redshirt junior Justin Alexander — a year after the two competed together in College Park.

“It would be pretty funny to be coaching against my brother,” Alexander said. “That’d be pretty unique.”