Student accounts of the snow day included being chased by a snow plow, giving sheep their daily physicals and making Spotify playlists.

“I spent my snow day at the gym, doing homework and reading, and I spent time with some friends I don’t get to see that often. That and Netflix, especially House and Family Feud.”

— Damon St. Thomas, senior psychology major

1:15 p.m. outside South Campus Commons

“I’ve done a lot today, I’m in Lamb Watch — it’s a class through animal science — it’s basically like helping the sheep give birth. Today was day five [since the new lambs were born] so we’ve been doing daily physicals. … I am also a mouse colony manager, so I was checking on some new pups that were born.”

— Jonathan Cohen, junior animal sciences major

2 p.m. in South Campus Commons 7 lounge

“I’m just working on homework so that I don’t get behind for the rest of the week.”

— Laura Pagliarulo, junior cell biology and genetics major

2:30 p.m. near Denton Hall

“I’m doing biology homework and then playing some Yu-Gi-Oh!.”

— Chad Kiser, freshman biology major

2:30 p.m. in South Campus Dining Hall

“I usually do homework on snow days. Sometimes I build snowmen or go sledding [did that during the big snowstorm].”

— Jenna Nelson, freshman psychology major

2:45 p.m. near North Campus Dining Hall

“I am on my way to South Campus to go hang out with my friends.”

— Camille Alexander, freshman public health science major

2:50 p.m. outside Eppley Recreation Center

“I just walked to the gym, got a quick lift in, and I’m about to walk back [to my dorm] now.”

— Mike Breznak, freshman business student

3 p.m. in Cumberland Hall lounge

“[My friend] and I got chased by a plow. We were walking back from the Diner and this plow … had a motive to get us because we didn’t get out of his way the first time.” ­

— Caroline Campbell, freshman kinesiology major

3:30 p.m. in the South Campus Dining Hall

“We have just been staying in and doing homework, having hot chocolate and looking at how beautiful the snow is outside.”

— Megan Miller, freshman biology major

“[I] took everything a little bit slower. … Even taking an extra few minutes to pray, just trying to keep my life balanced and do things I might not be able to do on a regular fast-paced day.”

— Chinonso Ude, sophomore aerospace engineering major

“I’ve got tonsillitis so I’ve been spending most of my day in bed.”

— Megan Sutherland, sophomore American studies and history major

4:00 p.m. in St. Mary’s Hall

“I slept until noon because I slept a total of eight hours over the weekend, woke up and ate my leftover sandwich from the Silver Diner and then read about government intervention in the economy. … I also made a new Spotify playlist called ‘Yeet'”

— Natalie Lusardi, freshman government and politics and Spanish major

4:35 p.m. in South Campus Dining Hall

“I had a snowball fight outside with my friends.”

— Neal Bhalodia, freshman enrolled in letters and sciences