It may not be a box of Wheaties or the cover of Sports Illustrated, but the fact that Maryland lacrosse’s Matt Rambo and Colin Heacock are gracing the front of Inside Lacrosse’s May issue is still pretty neat.

(Aside: That’s the first time I’ve used the word “neat” in a blog post. I feel like a dad who just saw a pair of New Balances he really liked. I’ll never make this mistake again.)

The most remarkable part of the cover, though, are the poses that Rambo and Heacock are striking on it. And look at those steely gazes residing on their faces. Those are two attackmen who were clearly thinking about something important while their photos were being taken.

But what exactly is on their mind? While the true answer may never really be known, here are five possibilities. These five things might just be the things that were running through the two player’s minds on the day of the shoot:

-“The new Special Metro Express bus that DOTS is using to combat the College Park Metro closing is actually working. Does that mean the apocalypse is about to happen?”

-“You know what would be funny? If the people putting this cover together put one of our heads up by the top of it so instead of saying LACROSSE, it said LACPOSSE.”

-“Did I leave my laundry in the washer? I really hope I didn’t leave my laundry in the washer.”

-“Beating Penn State this year was fun.”

-“Hopefully this cover contains a lot of references to boxing. Like, if there aren’t at least three different things that tie into the boxing theme, it’s going to be a massive failure.”

On the other hand, here are five things they definitely weren’t pondering during the session:

-“The news that Grayson Allen is returning for his senior year is really great. College basketball is so much more fun when Allen is around.”

“College Park doesn’t have enough 7-Elevens.”

“Are we wearing enough red?”

“Beating Penn State this year wasn’t fun.”

“It’d be nice if this campus was bigger, because the walks between certain buildings are way too short and convenient.”