When Maryland students requested tickets on Sunday for the upcoming men’s basketball game against Minnesota, they encountered something out of the ordinary: a fee.

The request period opened at 8 a.m. Sunday, and for most of the day, any student who wanted to see the Terps face the Golden Gophers on March 8 was dealt a $3 surcharge. It was a deviation from other on-campus football or basketball games, which don’t require students to pay.

Students do fund student tickets through a mandatory athletic fee — $203 per semester if they’re full-time, $68 if they’re part-time — but it’s unprecedented for the university to charge them to attend individual regular-season games held on the campus.

The small fee to request a ticket for Maryland’s final home game of the season wound up being a mistake. An email was sent out Sunday night to anyone who requested a ticket apologizing for the error and informing them that they’ll be refunded on Monday.

So don’t worry, Maryland students — barring any further technical difficulties, you’ll be able to see the Terps’ Senior Day free of charge.