After growing up in Germany, former defender Sarah Sprink made the most of her Maryland field hockey career.

As a freshman, she was named to the All-ACC tournament team and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-Region team. But by the end of her time in College Park, Sprink had amassed two NFHCA first team All-American selections, two All-Big Ten team selections, and was named Big Ten Player of the Year her final season. The only feat that escaped her was a national championship.

“One hundred percent I wish we had,” Sprink said. “It still bugs me.”

After graduation, she returned to Germany and is living in her childhood room with her parents in Neuss. She still faces the challenge of balancing field hockey and schoolwork.

Sprink is attending school in Cologne, Germany, as she works towards her master’s degree in digital business management. After she graduates, she hopes to get a job in online marketing somewhere in Europe.

She’s also the newest member of the field hockey club, Rot-Weiß Köln, and has reunited with Markus Lonnes, who coached her club team when she was six years old.

The squad, which has its first two games this weekend, is a part of Bundesliga, Germany’s highest league, but Sprink said her time with the Terps has prepared her for the transition.

“Missy [Meharg] really pushed me,” Sprink said. “You only have a few months so you give it your all. Practices were much harder than club practice.”

With the help of Meharg, Sprink thrived at Maryland after learning a new style of play.

And while the Terps didn’t win the title, she’s able to appreciate what the team accomplished during her time there.

“We were in positions to win, but some days we were off,” Sprink said. “We still did a lot. It was a good run.”