I always have a few cups of tea a day. From black tea with milk and sugar to green tea with honey to matcha lattes to chai lattes, tea is a superior beverage with a ton of health benefits. If I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, it always helps to fill up the kettle, pick out a bag and sit down for a quiet cup of tea.

Since tea is my solution to everything, I go through a lot of tea bags. One of my favorite tea brands, Yogi Tea, puts a quote on the little tab at the end of the tea string. Some of the quotes are inspirational, while some make absolutely no sense. Here is the official ranking of all the quotes I read during one normal, tea-drinking week:

1. “Talking to plants is one way of talking directly to Spirit.”

This made me laugh. I picture myself speaking to one of my succulents like it’s a person and telling it about my problems. Maybe this quote is onto something because that does sound therapeutic. I also picture myself walking through a beautiful forest and pretending like every big tree is my friend. While I don’t know exactly what this quote looks like in action, I know there is something spiritual and peaceful about nature and my inner hippie loves it. 

2. “The gate to happiness is self-compassion.”

Yogi Tea was reading my mind. I needed to hear this quote this week. Our self-critics can be harsh sometimes. Stepping back and giving yourself a little love can go a long way. Especially in tough times, instead of letting that negative voice take over your head, practice being kind to yourself when you feel inadequate. I wrote this quote down to remind myself that we all deserve self-love. 

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3. “Peace of mind comes piece by piece.”

As the end of the semester approaches and the coronavirus pandemic worsens, it’s hard not to feel worried about the future. This quote reminded me to take life day by day. Not everything you want in your life is going to come now. Being calm, without anxiety or stress, isn’t something easy to obtain. It takes time. (I also enjoyed this quote’s alliteration.)

4. “Love is an experience of infinity.”

This is cheesy, but I like it. Whether it’s a romantic, platonic or familial bond, we all know that type of love that feels endless and indescribable. When I read this quote I smiled; it’s a sweet thought. It could even be used to describe self-love. I hope everyone strives for that abundant and overflowing kind of love. 

5. “Live righteously and love everyone.”

I don’t love everyone, not even close. I took this as a reminder to be more gracious and less judgmental. I’m not exactly sure what this quote means by “righteously” — it sounds archaic. This quote seemed like something that Yogi Tea stuck together when they were all out of good quotes and wanted to make a broad statement that was unproblematic. 

6. “We are born wise, we are born complete.”

Honestly, I don’t understand this one. The second part makes a little sense to me. We are born who we are and shouldn’t have to change any of that. But I’m not sure if I was born wise. After 21 years of living, I still wouldn’t be so bold to refer to myself as sage. I like the “you are all you need” vibe this is giving off, but I wouldn’t call my newborn self “wise.”

7. “Walk beautifully, talk beautifully, live beautifully.”

This quote reminded me of something I’d see on a wooden wall decoration at HomeGoods. It’s cheesy, kind of stupid, but has good intentions. I’m not sure what “beautiful” living looks like, and while I’m pretty positive my current college life isn’t beautiful living, I’d like to think everyone’s life is beautiful in its own way. It’s the little moments that make your life beautiful, like sitting down with a cup of tea on a quiet day. Make sure to give yourself those little moments.

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