The theory of six degrees of separation claims that all people are six or fewer interpersonal connections away from each other. Watching Lance Hool’s 2 Hearts, a film that centers on two couples brought together by an unforeseen connection, I couldn’t stop thinking about this theory. 

Based on a true story, 2 Hearts follows college students Chris (Jacob Elordi) and Sam (Tiera Skovbye), as well as flight attendant Leslie (Radha Mitchell) and businessman Jorge (Adan Canto). The movie switches between these two storylines, eventually merging the two separate couples’ paths.

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The film uses romance tropes to its advantage. Chris and Sam have a meet-cute in a lecture hall, but they don’t immediately fall in love; their bond develops slowly over time, reflecting reality more than fiction. Similarly, Jorge and Leslie meet during a flight, and the two quickly become enamored with each other. They end up seeing each other multiple times before dating.

Although these separate romantic plots take place during different decades and locations, the narrative felt natural. There were no awkward cliffhangers in between scenes that made the movie feel rushed or dragged out.

The cinematography added to the beauty of the film, using wide, aerial and overhead shots, like when Chris and Sam are chilling on Sam’s bed, sharing earbuds and listening to music. It’s a short shot in the film, but it goes a long way to show the closeness of their new relationship. 

Chris and Sam also talked like actual college students, not what people think college students sound like. Their conversations had banter, and they bonded over volunteering to drive students who need a safe ride home.

Jorge and Leslie’s romance arc is dreamy, especially since Leslie’s occupation as a flight attendant allows the two to see multiple beautiful destinations together. Although they are in love, they still can act like rational adults when it comes to talking about their blossoming relationship and their future aspirations.

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While the movie does have its fair share of happy and heartwarming moments, it does a great job of exploring life’s uncertainties and unexpected miracles. Chris ends up in the hospital, bringing both couples’ lives together. In the end, there was only one degree of separation between them.

2 Hearts is a moving tale of life, love and the wild rides fate takes people on. It does a great job of representing genuine connections and actions between characters that reflect such a powerful true story. 2 Hearts is a must-watch.


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