The University of Maryland announced Wednesday that interim vice president and chief information officer Jeff Hollingsworth will take over the position full-time, leading the university’s Division of Information Technology.

“The VP-CIO is critical to our success—modernizing and securing the tools we use every day and expanding our capabilities for the future,” university President Wallace Loh said in a statement. “Jeff has done an outstanding job as interim vice president in translating his academic expertise into sound policy. We are in good hands.”

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Hollingsworth will oversee the university’s technological infrastructure, ensuring technical support for both faculty and students, among other responsibilities, according to the statement. He’s served in this position in an interim capacity since June 2017.

“By focusing on important issues like transparency, shared governance and investment in people, we’ve made great strides in our IT operations and infrastructure,” Hollingsworth said in the statement. “I’m excited to continue this important work alongside my talented colleagues in the Division of IT and across campus.”

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Hollingsworth has been a computer science professor at this university since 1994 and served for four years as the computer science department’s associate chair. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate classes at this university, and was a lead investigator on more than 30 grants totaling more than $17 million, according to the statement.

The statement also credited Hollingsworth with overseeing the university’s transition to multi-factor authentication on online resources such as Testudo and ELMS. The system, which requires two levels of authentication before a user is permitted to log in, is scheduled to become mandatory for students Oct. 15.

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