Ahead of the closing of the University of Maryland’s Capital One bank, students and community members can expect to see changes in ATM availability around the campus.

Currently, there are eight operational Capital One ATMs on the campus, said Stamp Student Union Director Marsha Guenzler-Stevens. Six of them will be impacted when Capital One’s contract with this university expires.

After the branch in Stamp closes Aug. 17, the two ATMs directly outside it will go out of commission. They are expected to reopen when the new bank — which has yet to be selected — takes Capital One’s place, Guenzler-Stevens said.

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The Capital One ATMs located outside Stamp’s lower southeast entrance, in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center lobby, next to Ellicott Hall and in front of the South Campus Dining Hall will remain operational until the new bank is up-and-running, at which time they will be converted, Guenzler-Stevens said.

“We wanted to keep ATMs here until such time as we had a new vendor ready,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Capital One ATMs at Maryland Stadium and Xfinity Center aren’t expected to change any time soon.

Capital One’s naming rights agreement with this university allows it to place its ATMs in any campus athletic venue. While the Stamp lease ends this year, the naming rights agreement runs through 2032, so the ATMS it covers will be unaffected by the branch’s closing, Guenzler-Stevens said.

Two SECU ATMs on the campus will also remain unaffected by the closing.