Former Terp AJ Francis was released by the Washington Redskins on Monday before the New York Giants signed him on Wednesday.

Like many athletes before him who have changed teams, Francis took to social media to announce the move. However, Francis also used his announcement to make his thoughts on the Redskins’ logo loud and clear, including #AndYourLogoIsRacist in the hashtags of his post.

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The debate over the name and logo of the Redskins is very hotly contested to the point it has its own Wikipedia page, so it was to be expected that Francis earned some backlash over what he said about the logo.

One tweet called out Francis’ morals.

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Meanwhile, another tweet questioned why he’d want to play for a team that had a logo he regarded as racist.

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It’s important to note this is hardly the first time Francis has declined to “stick to sports” and instead opted to speak freely on matters outside of the football field.

When Francis played at Maryland, he wanted to speak out on political issues but was concerned that he would be viewed as a distraction, so it shouldn’t be a surprise Francis spoke his mind on this particular matter.