From the animated The Little Mermaid to teen drama H20: Just Add Water, mermaids have long captured the hearts of many. Siren is Freeform’s newest addition to the mermaid collection. Luckily, it’s a show that’s not only breathtaking but also delectably sinister.

Siren centers on a mysterious girl (Eline Powell) who happens upon Bristol Cove, a small port town with rich legends of mermaids. Through various circumstances, Bristol Cove is terrorized by lifeforms that turn the town’s legends into reality.

With the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean‘s murderesses, mermaids are usually depicted as majestic and rather benevolent creatures. Siren shows us a type of mermaid we’re not used to seeing — this time, they’re the villains.

Petite and with cheekbones to die for, Eline Powell plays our titular siren or “Ryn.” Exact origins of her species and how she even became human are yet unknown, but her silence and shabby clothing only build the suspense.

Freeform has teased photos of Powell as the siren, and the transformation is haunting. She has a long, spiky tail that looks more fish than human. With large glassy eyes, exposed ribs and small sharpened teeth, Siren‘s siren is just as awe-inspiring as she is menacing.

Supporting characters are the marine biologists, Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) who try to uncover the truth about Bristol Cove’s “legends.” Roe and Evans-Akingbola are relatively unknown actors, but in the trailer, they have proven themselves to be hardy opponents to Powell.

Siren is a refreshing take on the rather trite mermaid idea, and I’m excited to see what creators Eric Wald and Dean White have in store for us. Based on the trailer, the show hinges more on horror/thriller than fantasy. While it’s a shorter show than most, with just 10 episodes, I hope there are many action scenes and mysteries for us to watch and uncover.

From what I’ve seen from the trailer and the teases, the premise is fresh, the cast is strong, the visual effects are superb and the host channel is smart. Freeform is a household name thanks to Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters, so if Siren doesn’t snag the ratings and reviews that I hope it will, at least Freeform will be there for some cushion as it takes off.

Siren will have a two-hour premiere Thursday, March 29 on Freeform at 8 p.m. EST.