Migos’ new album Culture II was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long.

But guess what’s not too long — Tasty videos. You know, those minute-long cooking videos that somehow cover every inch of your Facebook feed?

That’s why the brand’s latest cooking video — which features Migos cooking stir-fry to their song “Stir Fry” — is the greatest thing to ever grace Facebook.

Yes, that is amazing af.

Do I feel like I adequately learned how to make stir-fry? Absolutely not. But was I thoroughly entertained in ways no Tasty video has ever entertained me before? Hell yah.

In fact, not only was the video better than Culture II as a whole, it was better than the actual music video for “Stir Fry.”

It’s even better than the Apple Animoji commercial featuring the song (though not by very much, tbh.)

Anywho, let’s just give Migos a cooking show. Surely the Food Network can take an hour of programming away from Guy Fieri and give it to Quavo. Or, hell, give them both a show.

Spittin’ Fieri with Migos and Guy — coming to the Food Network this summer.