The 2018 Grammy Awards really shot for the moon — the night featured huge performances, high-stakes awards and hilarious celebrity reactions. But that’s not to say it didn’t have some pretty awkward, and cringeworthy encounters. Here were five of the best (or worst) moments.

Blue Ivy takes embarrassing parents to a whole new level

Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, scolded the power-couple as they clapped during Camila Cabello’s acceptance speech. With a slow but graceful movement of her wrists, Ivy motioned her parents to relax. The bit made viewers smile and made Jay-Z and Beyonce more relatable. No family is perfect, even if it is Hollywood royalty.

Sting and Shaggy

Great idea, horrible execution. The performance, a combination of Sting’s “Englishman in New York” and the duo’s joint single “Don’t Make Me Wait” subtly highlighted immigration, one of the many political themes of the night. However, the contrast between Shaggy’s awkward, off-beat dancing and Sting’s stiff guitar playing made for a strange, sub-par performance.

Corden’s Carpool Bizarre Subway Karaoke

Sting and Shaggy also made an appearance in host James Corden’s Subway Karaoke segment, a play-off of his famous Carpool Karaoke bit. All-together the trio lacked chemistry and the segment consisted mostly of Corden yelling with subway riders as Shaggy and Sting stood by in silence. The bizarre and confusing segment ended with an aggressive altercation between a construction worker and an actual (and figurative) punch in the face to Corden.

Lorde is *not* impressed

After P!nk’s “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” performance, Lorde threw some serious shade with a round of baby claps and indifferent facial expressions. Footage surfaced later showing Lorde giving P!nk some unsupportive and bizarre baby-style claps.

The Red Carpet

Red Carpet interviews make for some interesting, awkward moments. The most cringeworthy: Cardi B’s comment about the Grammy’s making her feel like she has “butterflies in her stomach and vagina” and Lil Uzi Vert’s obsession with pop tarts. During an interview with Giuliana Rancic, the hip-hop artist, most well-known for his collaboration with Migos on “Bad and Boujee,” said his next plan is to wake up and eat some pop tarts. So much for motivation.

Ed Sheeran wins — but didn’t show up

It seems that both Hollywood and the internet had some strong opinions about who deserved the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. Clearly, Ed Sheeran was not a top contender. After Sheeran won the award for “Shape of You,” beating out four female powerhouse contenders — Kesha, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and P!nk — in the category, the results elicited some glares. Video footage showed Lady Gaga and Kesha appearing distraught and somewhat angered by the win. Sheeran also received “boos” from the audience after the presenter announced Sheeran’s absence at the awards show. The internet later blew up with one angry tweeter calling the singer “low-key elevator music nonsense.”

Bruno Mars’ Sauce

Mars was truly the king of the night, taking home six awards including Album of the Year. But two questions: Why was he wearing sunglasses and what was with that final acceptance speech? During his acceptance speech for Album of the Year, the singer seemed a little out of it. After admitting to drinking and “celebrating a little bit,” the singer rambled on and concluded by mentioning that he “needed to sprinkle a little Mars’ sauce” on his album. Who doesn’t need that, though?