Lil Pump is a rapper, yes, but he’s also (mostly) a meme.

He has a catchphrase (“ESSSSKETTIT”), a wild fashion sense (just look at that hair) and endlessly repeatable lyrics (“Me and my grandma take meds”).

And on Tuesday, the meme is performing in Silver Spring. He plays at the Fillmore on Dec. 5, and it’s guaranteed to be, uh, interesting.

If you’re skeptical about spending 27 bucks to see a 17-year-old jump around on stage, I feel you. But just check out this video for proof that Lil Pump shows are indeed lit af.

That’s a banger.

With “Gucci Gang” sitting pretty at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, this is the perfect time to see Pump at the beginning and/or peak of his young career. And who wouldn’t want to support an artist as caring as Lil Pump?

Tickets from $27 |