On Thursday, the epic, two-hour season finale of Nathan For You premiered on Comedy Central. For fans of Nathan Fielder’s brilliantly cringe-worthy comedy, like comedian and Comedy Bang! Bang! creator Scott Aukerman, the episode held far more gravitas than your average season-capper.

“This is my Star Wars,” tweeted Aukerman in response to Fielder tweeting that the show would be on at 9 p.m. EST, an hour earlier than its usual 10 p.m. airtime.

The success of Fielder’s creation, which is more popular than ever while still existing as a living cult-classic for its regular viewers, receives a constant barrage of complimentary tweets from various celebrities in the comedy world during and after each episode. For Thursday’s finale, the praise was seemingly infinite. Being that the finale included an excruciatingly long kissing scene between Nathan and an escort that he falls more and more in love with throughout the episode, comic and actor Ike Barinholtz was elated to find out that even his wife’s parents could appreciate the uncomfortable fun.

“I am watching Nathan For You with my in-laws,” tweeted Barinholtz on Friday, “and they are laughing as hard as I am.”

Jorma Taccone, The Lonely Island band member and star of movies such as Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and Hot Rod, heaped the grandest of commendations upon the show after viewing the season four finale.

“Once again, NATHAN FOR YOU is the funniest show on television,” tweeted Taccone on Friday. “@nathanfielder is a wonderful genius.”

Though the show is recognized by many of Nathan’s comedy peers, it’s also the favorite of many other celebrities. Asa Akira, the star pornographic actress with an “award-winning asshole” according to her Twitter bio, considered the finale to be an all-time great.

“This season finale of Nathan For You is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on television,” tweeted Akira. “In fact I am going to watch it again right now.”

Starring re-occurring guest William Heath, an elderly actor who moonlights as the world’s worst Bill Gates impersonator, the finale opens in Los Angeles and passes through rural Arkansas before ending in Michigan on a search for a woman named Frances that Heath claims he “should have married.” With nothing other than an over 50-year-old high school yearbook photo and Heath’s fuzzy, incomplete memory to guide their adventure, Fielder and Heath set out on a creepy and hilarious voyage for lost-love that could be best described as somewhere in between The Notebook and Fatal Attraction.

Comedy Central or Fielder himself have yet to announce whether or not Nathan For You will return for a 5th season, but that really doesn’t matter. With four incredible seasons and a litany of celebrity endorsements under Fielder’s belt, Nathan For You is an already-legendary comedic achievement.