Free T-shirts are an important part of the college experience. After a few years at school, you’ll find yourself with an entire drawer of clothes you’ve gathered just from being a student at a sporting event.

The latest installment of free T-shirts comes from the football team ahead of its home opener against Towson on Saturday. The theme of the T-shirts is certainly a new one: memes.


Each class will be assigned its own shirt, corresponding to a popular meme.

I respect Maryland for trying to seem up-to-date and trying to do something unique and relatable, but memes are vastly less funny out in the real world compared to the internet. Memes are really just meant to stay online. Once they enter the real world, away from our computers and phones, they feel strange and out of place.

Ultimately, trying to be funny by giving a bunch of college kids shirts with memes on them can best be described by the classic clip of Steve Buscemi pretending to be a high school student on 30 Rock.