Gov. Larry Hogan will propose more than $18.2 million in cuts to the University System of Maryland budget, which would eliminate more than 100 staff positions and reduce operating expenses throughout the system, at a Board of Public Works Meeting this Wednesday.

The proposal would reduce the system’s workforce by 41 filled positions and 60 vacant positions, according to Wednesday’s Board of Public Works agenda. It also seeks to cut “various operating expenditures” in the system by $2.7 million, which is included in the proposed $18.2 million cut.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the USM budget cuts are “part of a larger effort to close what could amount to a $250 million gap in the state’s $42 billion budget.” The board will consider a total of $82 million in reductions to the state’s budget at Wednesday’s meeting.

A legislative analyst told Maryland lawmakers on Oct. 25 that they need to “get real” and consider alternative approaches to deal with state budget shortfalls. A written statement provided by USM spokesman Mike Lurie said the system “is working on plans to absorb the budget reductions cited this week by the office of Gov. Hogan.”

“In working through this plan, the USM will make the strongest effort to minimize impact on current employees and balance the impact of the reductions throughout the 12 institutions in the university system,” the statement read. “The development of these plans takes careful consideration, and the USM will provide specific plans as they become finalized.”

The Board of Public Works, which consists of Gov. Hogan, state Comptroller Peter Franchot and state Treasurer Nancy Kopp, will meet at 10 a.m. in Annapolis on Wednesday.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.