Three members of the Prince George’s County Planning Board unanimously approved all of the College Park City Council’s recommendations for the German grocery store Lidl, which is scheduled to be built at the site of the Clarion Inn on Route 1, said College Park Planning Director Terry Schum.

The council voted to approve the detailed site plan on Oct. 11, Schum said. Despite a 30-day period when parties involved can appeal the plan, the council is expected to approve the final version of the plan at the end of the 30 days.

“I think it’s a good location for a grocery store,” she said, adding that there is a large amount of community support for Lidl.

Lidl will provide pavement along Berwyn Road and 48th Avenue — both of which currently lack sidewalks, Schum said. Council recommendations included a right-in entrance on Route 1 and an all-access entrance on Berwyn Road, said College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn.

The council also recommended additional landscaping and a bike share station at the location, Schum said.

Though Schum could not provide a definitive date for the grocery store’s construction period, she said planners are working quickly to establish one.

“Once they get past [the appeal period]… they still have a little time to wait until it’s … final,” she said.

Wojahn said the council’s recommendations for parking lot modifications included narrower entrances to deter speed, making the area safer for pedestrians. He added that Lidl will be a significant addition to the city because it will help alleviate College Park’s status as a food desert.

“It will help people who live in the Berwyn neighborhood, especially giving them a walkable option doing their grocery shoppings,” Wojahn said.

Schum added the German grocery chain is a perfect fit for College Park.

“Lidl is pretty excited to be in this country and starting a new adventure,” Schum said.