Another Monday, another Push Play playlist. In honor of the rainy season that is upon us, this week’s playlist falls heavier under the weight of slow jams than prior editions have. Many of the songs are ideal for those staring-out-of-a-rain-covered-window-like-a-music-video type of moments. Feeling less dramatic? Just listening works, too.

1) “Breathe” by JSPH

Originally from Kentucky, this New Age R&B artist is now based in Cincinnati. In 2015, he joined forces with producer DJ Corbett to create a trilogy of EP’s. The first, Rest, came out in early 2015, shortly followed by Rule. He is now in the works of recording the finale, Abide, on which this soothing track will be included.

2) “Has It Come to This” by Courtney Bennett & Zeph Ellis feat. 6LACK

The warm edge on singer-songwriter Courtney Bennett’s voice is captivating against cold bass. To achieve this balance, the 22-year-old West Londoner teamed up with South Londoner Zeph Ellis and Atlanta rapper 6lack. The song has a sound that will feel like home to fans of Kehlani and Ta-ku alike.

3) “When She Come Around” by Rob Cnurly

Since 2011, this Miami-based rapper has been independently creating music that trips over the lines between genres. He released his first mixtape, The Life of a Cool Kid, at age 19. Three albums would shortly follow. This track came just before the release of his latest EP, Knowledge Is Pain.

4) “Make Ya Say” by Wade Hampton

Wade Hampton dropped this song in a pair with the equally soothing track “Games” back in April at age 19. The song samples a short clip of a scene from the 2005 film Hitch starring Will Smith, emphasizing the theme of how it can be difficult for men to make the first move in a situation. At 20 years old, he is busy in the studio creating and releasing new singles, so it is worth keeping an eye on this young talent.

5) “Uninvited” by Mallrat

A la Alessia Cara’s “Over Here,” Mallrat’s mid-August release is an ode to a social life sans purposeless parties. The 17-year-old from Brisbane, Australia pins much of the influence in her music on popular Aussie rapper Allday. She humorously refers to herself as the “Hannah Montana of the rap game,” even though rap is not the category her music falls into.

6) “Histories” by Ray & Remora

Synthpop duo Ray & Remora first appeared in 2014 with their severely nostalgic 1994 EP, on which they did covers of songs put out in the year of the title by the likes of Weezer, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. The Los Angeles based pairing has just followed it up with their first 11-track album Startle It Up. In order to fill out the sound, the duo added keyboardist Jeff Liffmann and drummer Damon Kellard to the band, both of whom have co-writing credits on the new project.

7) “Roll Like Thunder” by Jake Wells

Jake Wells is a simple man. So simple, in fact, there is little to nothing known of him. His SoundCloud introduces the Kansas City man with the welcoming phrases: “I’m here to help. Connect.” Although this track only has about 5,000 plays on his page, the Spotify version is well on its way to 100,000. Help the small town acoustic singer-songwriter reach that goal and give this river-like rhythm a listen.

8) “Loveless – Edit” by Lo Moon

Lo Moon is on the cusp of a fresh release. Last Friday, this band tweeted out that it was putting the finishing touches on the mix for their debut project. The band will play a New York venue in late October, and their rising fan base hopes that the undated release will come before then.

9) “Work” by Sam Gouthro feat. Aso & Eponym

Sam Gouthro is a 23-year-old producer and hip-hop recording artist based in San Diego. Currently unsigned, Gouthro released his latest project, Romantic Raps Vol. 1, in July. The five-piece collection features his vocal work, with each track produced by a different small-named artist. This track is actually the longest one of the 10-minute long EP.

10) “The Motive Used To Be The Melody” by Sango feat. Xavier Omär

If there were a musical equivalent to the eloquence with which Oscar de la Renta stitched together the layers of his dresses, it would be Sango. There is so much hidden grace in the way the pieces of this six-minute song fall together. It almost feels like a trilogy. The rest of the EP this track calls home is the perfect sequel.