Since 2008, Tim Berg, better known by his alter ego Avicii, has become one of the most powerful forces in electronic music. He has performed sold-out shows across the country and will be coming to the D.C. Armory tomorrow. With the mainstream success of songs such as “Fade Into Darkness” and “Levels,” Avicii looks to be continuing his ascent to stardom.

“I basically just got hooked to producing from the first minute I downloaded the program, and it kind of took off from there,” Berg said.

The Swedish DJ has produced massively successful singles, most of which have reached the top of the international Beatport charts. He was ranked the sixth-best DJ of 2011 by DJ Mag, toured with some of the best in the business and has worked with mainstream artists such as Flo Rida and Leona Lewis.

As he has already accomplished more than most DJs would ever dream possible, it is hard to believe Berg is just 22 years old. Yet what he lacks in years of experience he compensates for with raw talent.

“Everyone has actually always treated me with respect right from the start and has usually been even nicer to me since I was so young and inexperienced,” Berg said.

In fact, it is the people who first discovered Berg’s knack for production who have been the most influential in his journey to success.

“From the start I’ve been working closely with my manager Ash, and he’s guided me with feedback,” Berg said. “It is too easy to get snowed into your own production, and having someone come in with advice is priceless.”

Avicii has always maintained that electronic music should not be qualified as just a track and a beat, but as an experience. Therefore, it comes as no surprise Berg feels most at ease on tour when he can perform for his fans on the level his music demands.

“My favorite part is the gigs, for sure,” he said. “Second to that is being able to see all of the different cities and meet all of the different people.”

Additionally, Berg’s “live in the moment” mantra is best exemplified by his selection for his live shows. He makes it a point to familiarize himself with his audience before deciding which tracks will begin his set.

“Sometimes I’ll open up a track that has something to do with the city I am in or something that just makes sense to me,” Berg said.

Avicii will play at the D.C. Armory tomorrow. Doors open at 5 p.m.