Wherever Terrapins men’s basketball guard Andrew Terrell goes, it always seems the walk-on has his white towel. He flaps it at the end of the bench after highlight plays. It rests around his neck while he sits on the bench. He even carries it around while filming his up-and-coming video series, “The Andrew Terrell Show.”

“That’s just become a habit for him, having the towel each game,” fellow walk-on guard Trevor Anzmann said.

So where does the towel reside when it’s not in Terrell’s possession?

“It’s in a special compartment in the towel bag,” Terrell said. “It’s always blessed before each and every game.”

He’s become a bit superstitious about it.

Usually head student manager Ryan Lumpkin will take it out and pass it off to Terrell.

“That’s when the magic starts,” Terrell said.

During a college basketball season in which benches have gained increased publicity for their sideline celebrations — most notably Monmouth — Terrell has done his best to start a bench mob of his own for the Terps.

The 5-foot-10 freshman’s only played in eight games this season — a total of 14 minutes — but he still holds an important role on the Terps squad in the Sweet 16.

He leads a chant before the games, and he heads a raucous bench that goes wild after dunks and 3-pointers.

“He’s like our team character,” guard Rasheed Sulaimon said. “He keeps everyone loose. He keeps everyone excited.”