Merits of cannabis extract medicine

Last semester, I ran an event through Students for Sensible Drug Policy about cannabis extract medicine. During the presentation, my friend Corrie Yelland discussed how she cured her anal canal cancer with only cannabis oil — no traditional treatments. Two years ago, I held a similar presentation with Dennis Hill, another friend with aggressive prostate cancer who went into remission using only cannabis oil.

These successes were achieved without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Furthermore, these two individuals were confident in this course of treatment because of the hundreds of other people who have eliminated cancer and other serious diseases with cannabis extracts, in the form of oil.

It is important to point out that cannabis oil treatments consist of ingesting massive quantities of the extract over time — at least 60 grams in 3 months — and do not involve smoking, which is the most familiar form of medicinal cannabis use, but is also by far the least effective. Medicine is meant to be ingested, not smoked. Yet millions of people have found that just smoking cannabis is more effective than many vigorously researched pharmaceuticals for pain reduction.

If such patients began to ingest cannabis oil instead of smoking, many would cure their ailments instead of simply managing them.

I would like to address the No. 1 concern people have with this seemingly outrageous claim: If cannabis oil really cures cancer, why isn’t it being used on a widespread basis, or at least being discussed further?

First of all, oil is used on a relatively significant scale — I can provide more than 120 testimonials to anyone who wants them. But compared to those who smoke cannabis or people who don’t use cannabis at all, those rates are extremely low.

Second, many people who use this treatment don’t come forward because they fear social stigmas, law enforcement or simply don’t want to talk about such a personal issue. Those who do come forward to their doctors or the media are usually dismissed. Doctors attribute cannabis-related cures to spontaneous remission or faulty diagnoses, and the media rarely wants to damage its credibility by having a story about cannabis curing cancer, which initially sounds insane.

It takes a lot of research and conversations with patients to truly understand this issue, and most people in power aren’t willing to take the time to do that.

Nonetheless, the cannabis extract movement is growing, and the media is slowly beginning to pay attention. Dr. William Courtney appeared in a video on The Huffington Post on Dec. 1, discussing how he cured an 8-month-old of brain cancer with just oil (once again, no chemotherapy, radiation or surgery), as well as his cure of a different terminal cancer patient by juicing cannabis.

Dr. Robert Melamede has made news with his publicly traded corporation Cannabis Science’s cures of skin cancer. Today, a group of oil producers and patients in Michigan are holding a “Cannabis Cures Cancer” concert — their second concert of this type — to spread the message.

Furthermore, there have been five documentaries made about cannabis oil curing cancer, and several local news affiliates in Canada and the U.S. have actually run stories about individual patients. Over the past five years, I’ve seen this movement grow from being concentrated mainly in Canada to exploding in Colorado, Washington and Oregon (though surprisingly not too much in California).

This phenomenal growth has only one root — the evidence that cannabis oil works, and that, in my experience, it works better than any other medicine humans currently have access to.

I am happy to share any information I have with anyone who wants it, and connect you with real patients who have been cured of cancer with cannabis oil. I guarantee no matter how skeptical you are, if you look into this matter deeply, you will see how profoundly true and important this really is.

Justin Kander is a senior marketing major. He can be reached at

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