LASTING IMPACT: Joan Rivers and the red carpet

Joan Rivers

When watching a red carpet, a good reporter will ask a celebrity, “Who are you wearing?”

Joan Rivers was the first red carpet commentator to ask that question. The question brought what a celebrity was wearing to the forefront of every red carpet show.

Now, when Lupita Nyong’o arrived at the Oscars in March, people talked about her light blue Prada dress as much as her nomination.

It’s all because of Rivers. Names like Zac Posen, Georgina Chapman and Elie Saab are as common as Amy Poehler. Rivers’ analysis has opened the floodgates for anyone on social media with an opinion.

Rivers thrived on speaking her mind on what looked hot and what didn’t. Her show on E!, Fashion Police, formed a discussion around the dress, not just the celebrity. Thanks to Rivers, Lady Gaga couldn’t wear a meat dress without the Fashion Police peppering in some comments after the fact.

The “Joan Rangers” on the show, including Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic (a Maryland alumna), always were a bit shell-shocked by some of Rivers’ comments. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say the reason I watch was to hear her sixth sense on what Ariana Grande wore.

There’s nothing too personal for Rivers, like when she called a dress worn be Olivia Wilde something “you put on when all your clothes are in the hamper.”

Wilde got off easy and Rivers’ wasn’t shy to question past relationships or failed marriages between celebrities. All for the sake of fashion, of course.

If a young Selena Gomez wore a far from age-appropriate dress, she didn’t shy from debunking the girl’s choices. The dress was built for the runway and though it was couture, Rivers wasn’t afraid to point out its obvious flaws.

I know I will miss all the shots regarding Kim Kardashian’s cleavage, and I truly wonder if anyone will be able to fill Rivers’ shoes.

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