Watch this mom embarrass her son singing ‘Since U Been Gone’ at a Maryland basketball game

(Screenshot via @TerrapinHoops.)

Maryland basketball defeated Loyola Maryland 94-71 on Tuesday night in front of a light crowd, with many students likely opting to skip the game so they could use their Reading Day to study for finals.

However, the students and other fans who did make the trek to Xfinity Center saw an incredible performance.

And we’re not talking about Jalen Smith’s 20 points and eight rebounds.

During one break in the action, Maryland entertained fans with a fan cam on the jumbotron and the song of choice was Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” The camera made its way to one fan in the crowd and she delivered a performance that quickly went viral.

Thanks to the reporting of the Washington Post, we now know this very talented lip-syncer is named Mandy Remmell, while her deeply embarrassed son is named Blake Remmell.

While Mandy’s lip syncing is nothing short of world class, the true star of the video has to be Blake. His desperate attempts to hide himself in his Baltimore Ravens hoodie are fantastic and something that I’d imagine nearly everyone can relate to when they’re with their parents in public. Based on Blake’s reaction, you might even say he wanted to …Breakaway… from his mother while she was on the jumbotron.

The video became so popular that Kelly Clarkson herself saw it and gave her approval on Twitter.

Maryland basketball responded back to Clarkson’s fantastic tweet with one of her song lyrics.

Mandy is now the face of Maryland men’s basketball and she deserves lifetime season tickets for herself and Blake, who now has to go to Maryland when he’s old enough to attend college. There’s no other way to end this wonderful story of parents finding ways to new and wonderful ways to embarrass their children.

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