A water leak at The Varsity on Wednesday afternoon led to flooding and some people’s water being turned off, according to building residents.

Joseph Ivanov, a senior materials science and engineering major, couldn’t use the water in his apartment Wednesday night, he said.

There was a lot of flooding down the stairwell near the building’s entrance, Ivanov said, and water was coming from the ceiling of the second floor beginning around 3 p.m. and lasted for several hours afterward.

“I got a little bit of water splashed on me and I almost slipped,” he said. “The hardworking custodial staff is doing a great job getting things back to normal.”

The Varsity’s custodial staff used industrial fans to dry the affected areas and drained the trapped water, Ivanov said. They are currently cleaning up debris from the flooding, he said.

Ted Mohn, a sophomore information sciences major, said he also had his water shut off on Wednesday. The entire building was without water Wednesday, Mohn said, and buildings attached to The Varsity, including Bobby’s Burger Palace, The Board and Brew and NuVegan Cafe, also had their water turned off. These issues weren’t fixed until the morning, he said.

“I was on the second floor when I tried turning my water on, and there was very little pressure,” he said. “I walked to the stairwell near the main lobby, and water was cascading down the steps and coming out of the light fixtures above me.”

The first and second floors were the most affected, Mohn said.

Officials at The Varsity declined to comment, citing policy.