Watching TV is the perfect activity for any snow day. If anything, it’s an excuse to kick back and relax from the stress of daily college life. Rather than binge-watching an entire season of shows like Black Mirror or The Crown on your next snow day, here are six nostalgic, snow-inspired TV episodes to help you procrastinate.

Phineas and Ferb, “S’Winter”

Phineas and Ferb never seems to get old. The Disney Channel cartoon series is about two step-brothers enjoying summer vacation — so it’s the perfect cure to any snow day blues. While the pair’s creative ideas are absurd, they’re always amusing. In “S’Winter”, Phineas and Ferb use a snow cone machine to create a winter wonderland in the scorching summer heat. It’s equipped with a ski slope and a plethora of other winter activities. As always, older sister Candace tries to rain on their parade, and there’s an absurd Perry the Platypus (the secret-agent pet) and Doofenshmirtz (the evil scientist) side plot. Undoubtedly, “S’Winter” reminds viewers of the importance of maximizing and enjoying any vacation day.

30 Rock, “Last Lunch”

The final episode in the cult-comedy satire about a fictional sketch comedy show at NBC Studios is funny and bittersweet. In the finale, the cast and crew look toward their final show as a snowicane threatens New York City. Of course — there’s some tearful goodbyes, absurd humor and, most importantly, fighting. It’s an amusing, feel-good ending to enliven any snow day. However, 30 Rock newbies should start with episode one — just to provide some context.

Modern Family, “White Christmas”

In “White Christmas,” the famed Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett clan heads to the mountains for the holiday season. However, uncooperative weather and family fighting threaten to ruin the holidays and, more importantly, Gloria’s anticipated “white Christmas.” The episode is predictable, and by the end, all the characters disregard their personal problems to come together and celebrate family. However, it’s these subtle, happy-go-lucky moments that remind viewers of the importance of the small things in life — like snow days.

Gossip Girl, “Roman Holiday”

“Roman Holiday” is a major throwback to when Gossip Girl was somewhat decent. This episode of the hit show about privileged Upper East Side teens features 3D snow simulations, an awkward Christmas party, a proposal and, of course, drama. Obviously, the plots are unrealistic (blackmail remains entirely unrelatable). However, revenge is a dish best served cold — and Gossip Girl has always had a lot of it.

Black Mirror, “White Christmas”

Black Mirror‘s snow-inspired episode is bizarre and outrageously trippy. The star-studded episode takes place during a blizzard at a remote outpost in the middle of nowhere. Two travelers, Joe, played by Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, and Matt come together for a Christmas meal and share their personal stories. The episode contains creepy augmented reality devices, invasive technological personal assistants, crazy time vortexes and, of course, a blizzard. The tech-heavy world we live in can be a scary place — and this episode of Black Mirror will make viewers think twice about binge-watching and social media.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, “The Ski Lift”

Larry David’s snow-inspired episode pokes fun at broken limbs, kidney transplants and Judaism. In an attempt to help his friend Richard receive a kidney transplant (and gain a signed baseball as payment), Larry befriends Ben Heineman, an observant Jew and the head of a kidney consortium. After a series of events, Ben winds up joining Larry at a ski lodge for the weekend, where things go awry. The episode contains laughable moments, crude humor, absurd stereotypes and some flurries. Arguably, it’s Larry David at his prime, and there’s nothing funnier than that.