Just a reminder: It’s still February. In Maryland, we never know when snow could strike. It’s only natural that a staple in anyone’s closet this year should be a thick blanket scarf.

I’ve been seeing a lot of students just letting it hang around their neck, and although fashionable, this doesn’t do the scarf justice. So how to style it? Treat it like any other scarf.

Here are 12 simple ways to style your long, heavy and seemingly unmanageable winter accessory.

1) The Loop


Just wrap your scarf around your neck once and let the rest hang.

2) The Half-Pull


Halve your scarf, wrap around your neck, and pull the ends through the loop.

3) The Cute Snake


Pretty self-explanatory, but just wrap the scarf around your neck a bunch of times and tuck in the ends.

4) The Backward “9” (or if you prefer, just The “9”)


Wrap only one end around your neck and let the rest hang.

5) The Shawl


This works best on thinner coats, but just spread out your scarf and wrap around your neck and shoulders.

6) The Rattlesnake


Do The Snake, but instead of tucking the end, pull the ends through one of the wraps and tighten.

7) The Knot


Wrap around your neck and knot.

8) The Side-to-Side


Loosely wrap once around your neck, then loosely tie the ends to the side.

9) The Towel


Halve your scarf and wrap around your neck.

10) The Celtic (ish)


Halve your scarf (like above), pull one end through the loop, tighten; then pull the other end through the hole at your neck and tighten.

11) The Necktie


Wrap the scarf around your neck so the ends hang down your back and the loop is in the front. Then twist the ends around your neck and bring them to the front; twist the loop once (so two loops), and bring the ends through the lower loop.

12) The Twist


Repeat the beginning step of (11), but this time, wrap the ends around the sides of the loop, let the ends hang, and tighten.