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Daisy Grant
Editor in chief
Jenn Attanasio
Managing editor
Daisy Grant
Director of digital strategy
John Bedard 
Deputy managing editor
Rachel Hunt
Managing editor, online
Anastazja Kolodziej & Zoe Pierce
Assistant managing editors
Carmen Molina Acosta
Special projects editor
Angela Roberts & Rina Torchinsky
News editors
Lancelot Lin
Design editor
Alexander Dacy, David Suggs & Tom Hindle
Sports editors
Julia Nikhinson 
Photography editor
Jason Fontelieu & Manuela López Restrepo
Diversions editors
Matt Perez
Multimedia editor
Serena Saunders & Zachary Jablow
Opinion editors
Vishal Patel
Director of Diamondback Lab
Angela Mecca
General assignment editor
Gabby Lewis & Sahana Jayaraman
Copy desk chiefs



Daisy Grant, editor in chief, is a senior psychology major.

She has worked as a copy editor, assistant managing editor, director of digital strategy and diversions editor.

Jenn Attanasio, managing editor, is a senior government and politics and journalism major.

She has worked as a copy editor and assistant managing editor.

John Bedard, deputy managing editor, is a junior government and politics and journalism major.

He has worked as a copy editor, copy desk chief and assistant managing editor.

Zachary Jablow, opinion editor, is a senior economics and government and politics major.

He has worked as a copy editor and columnist.

Serena Saunders, opinion editor, is a graduate student in public policy.

She has worked as a columnist.



Ayla Kinnaird
Advertising Director

Bridget Brown
Ethan Tuttle
Sophia Alexander
Advertising Managers